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1. Can I donate or gift a Cuddle Cross?

  • Yes! After the billing section of the cart, when purchasing your products, there will be a shipping section where you can input the address of where you want the products to be sent, along with an area to leave a message to the receiver. For example, "Happy Birthday and God Bless! Love from Aunt Karen." 

2. How can I carry Cuddle Crosses in my store?

  • Please contact our customer service line at and we will see what we can do to help!

3.How do I clean my Cuddle Cross Products?

  1. DO NOT  WASH!

  2. Use a damp cloth with mild detergent on a soft micro fiber towel or cotton rag and clean needed area. 

  3. Rinse and wipe excess off with a damp cloth, no soap.

  4. Use dry towel to wipe cleaned area

  5. Let air dry

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